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what is weave

weave is born from a shared urge to develop platforms for artistic exchange, research and performance on a large scale. The main aim is to provide time and space for artists and dreamers to meet and create work together within the frame of extended exploration and big-scale thinking. Weave is a nomadic project which is transposable and adaptable, and each project reflects our current preocupations on a social, cultural and artistic level.

weave is a long-term project. It takes inspiration from people, experiments, events and conversations that we meet on our way. weave is focused on improvisation practice, on the development of the arts as a language, community as a social question and education as a transmission tool. The idea is to provide a platform for both research and exchange. In order to implement this, specific environments need to be created.

We purposefully steer away from defining a closed and rigid vision because we are not after a stable philosophy but after a truly fresh and ever-questioning, ever-doubting and ever-creative approach.

“We design environments.
We invite people to share them with us.
We grow and learn,
and then we start again.
It’s a never-ending journey of growth.”