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Antoine Dutrieu Antoine Dutrieu – Brussels

co-artistic director

Antoine is an independent performer and project designer with a keen interest in improvisation. His work fuses eclectic and mutually supporting activities such as circus art, philosophy, dance and performance, along with squatting, travelling and promoting social work. / youtube/oldkidam

Rebeca FL Rebeca FL – London/Brussels

co-artistic director

Co-founder of avant-garde performance company Bottlefed, Rebeca is a performer-maker with an expertise in dance, theatre, improvisation and interdisciplinary performance alongside her pedagogical work and research. She is persistently engaged in widening her perspectives and uncovering fields for experimenting – both conceptually and geographically. / youtube/bottlefed

David LakeinDavid Lakein – Chicago/Berlin

partner in crime – weave #1

An interdisciplinary artist who performs-researches around the borders of theatre, dance and performance art. He is a well-respected teacher dedicated to a rigorous and playful (un)learning process within the fields of the performing arts, somatic training and meditation-bodywork practices. / youtube/playlist

 Kathrin Yvonne Bigler – BerneKathrin Y Bigler

partner in crime – weave #1

Kathrin is co-artistic director of performance company Bottlefed and works internationally as a director, performance artist, dance dramaturge, writer and workshop facilitator. Her areas of practice spread over multi-disciplinary performance, dance, installation, free improvisation, film and community arts/cultural intervention. / youtube/bottlefedensemble

Xavier Lucy – Brusselsu4459

partner in crime – weave #1

A devout believer in self-education and nomad at heart, Xavier’s work revolves around the medium of image. He created the NGO Blackmilk gathering artists and technicians within the field of experimental documentary. As video creator he has worked for Künstenfestivaldesarts, Belgium National Theatre, Artara Company and Claudio Stellato to name but a few.